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Commercial Tree Service in Los Angeles and Ventura County

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Keeping Your Property Looking Beautiful Throughout The Year

Looking to make your commercial property attractive to customers and make employees feel welcome? We can make sure your trees throughout your space are trimmed, pruned, and cared for! When it comes to commercial spaces, appearance is key, Ralph’s Tree Services can help keep your property in great condition via our various tree services!

We offer many commercial tree-related services, including:

  • Tree Pruning

Whether you have oak, pine, maple, elm, conifer, ash, or cypress trees on your property, our certified arborists can help maintain them. They can remove dead or dying branches, shape and trim trees so wind safely passes through branches, and prevent damaged/diseased branches from falling.

  • Tree Removal

Keeping trees healthy is our goal, but age, disease, and other factors can warrant having a tree or stump removed. Our bonded and insured professionals in Los Angeles can remove trees and stumps with advanced equipment, without digging up your property or damaging your landscaping.

  • Storm Damage

Heavy rain, Santa Ana winds, and lightning can damage a tree so severely you may need immediate tree services to remedy the damage. If possible, we’ll salvage a tree and prune back loose or imposing branches. We can handle tasks of any complexity.

  • Structure Evaluation

Our tree service professionals can conduct an evaluation of the structure of trees on your commercial property. If a branch is in danger of falling, the tree is cracked or split, or there are root problems or other structural deficits, we’ll take the appropriate steps to remedy the problem.

  • Cabling and Bracing

When a large and/or older tree requires extra support, we can use strong cables and bracing rods to hold weak limbs, protect the tree from high winds, and reduce the safety risks. Cabling and bracing can also help increase the longevity of trees.

  • Emergency Tree Removal

A seriously damaged tree or one overcome by disease can put your property, employees, and customers at risk. Don’t wait another minute. Call our commercial tree service professionals to remove the tree and mitigate any hazards it is causing.

Prompt Commercial Tree Service for Area Businesses

If you are a business owner, the condition of your trees and landscape is crucial to the appearance and safety of your property. Ralph’s Tree Services is available 24/7 and offers emergency tree services to address sudden problems such as severe storm damage.

It is our goal to keep your commercial property, employees, and clients safe by ensuring your trees are well-maintained. If any tree throughout your area is diseased or badly damaged, we can have it removed as quickly and safely as possible, so it does not detract from your business. To learn more about our tree removal company or to obtain a complimentary estimate, please contact our offices at (310) 880-4131.

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