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Brush Clearance and Fire Mitigation in Los Angeles

forest fire

Ralph’s Tree Services is an expert in brush removal. While the vegetation around your property may serve an aesthetic and functional purpose, it can make your home or business more vulnerable to wildfires. If not handled professionally, unwanted brush will just grow back. In addition, overgrown brush can stifle the growth of trees, get in the way of development, and provide an impression of neglect if not properly cared for.

When brush dries out, it becomes fuel for fires. Brush removal is, therefore, important for wildfire mitigation in the Los Angeles area. It is a preventative measure that can reduce the risk to you and those around you. We can also help meet the new brush clearance requirements recently issued by the L.A. City Council.

Area property owners depend on Ralph’s Tree Services for:

Emergency Services 24/7

We can respond to an emergency, day or night, to address problems with trees or brush and deal with any related fire hazard on your property. Our trained technicians can also provide tree trimming, tree and stump removal, weed abatement, and more.

Severe Weather or Natural Disaster

Whether a severe storm has brought tree limbs or entire trees down on your property or a wildfire is threatening your area, our licensed, insured team of tree professionals can address the situation. Our team is available throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Brush Removal/Fire Mitigation Service

Dry brush can easily burn when fires are nearby, taking your property along with it. Clearing your yard of brush can at least slow a fire down and make it easier for the Los Angeles Fire Department and other fire-fighting agencies to do their job.

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